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The financial market is a market where financial securities are traded both nationally and globally. Traders buy and sell these securities to generate potential profits while trying to limit their risk.

A crypto exchange is a digital platform for exchanging one crypto currency for another at a set rate. Users create exchange requests by setting the value and volume of the crypto currency. If a suitable counter-offer has already been registered on the site, a deal is concluded between users.

The exchange has a commission for all types of transactions in the amount of 1%. The commission is paid by the initiator of the transaction and only after the creation of counter-offer between users.

The company was registered in England on November 4, 2020.

Legal address: 1 Great New Street, London, England .

The company has two class A licenses.
You can see them here and here .

More information about the company and its legal status can be found on the About us page.

O'NEILL Michael Peter is the founder and director of International Financial Market .

The company accepts payments through such payment systems as Visa, MasterCard, PerfectMoney, NixMoney and cryptocurrency networks of Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCacsh, Litecoin, Monero, TetherUS*, Ripple.

* the company uses USDT Omni protocol. To withdraw funds in USDT you have to use this format of crypto wallet.

No, the marketplace is completely autonomous and does not oblige users to invest.

The minimum amount for trading on the exchange is 10 USD or the equivalent in Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency. The minimum investment amount is $ 100 .

The minimum withdrawal amount is:

  • 0.0015 btc in Bitcoin;
  • 0.03 eth in Ethereum;
  • 50 usdt in TetherUS;
  • 10 USD or the equivalent in other cases.

Fixed comissions for funds withdrawal is:

  • 0.0005 btc for Bitcoin;
  • 0.005 eth for Ethereum;
  • 20 usdt for TetherUS.

Any client of our company must be of legal age and be over 18 years old .

In case of providing false information about the age, the company reserves the right to block the user's account in accordance with the requirements of the UK financial regulator FSC.

Company and UK financial regulator FSC rules prohibit having more than one account on marketplaces.

The presence of several accounts will be regarded from the point of view of the legislation as financial fraud and illegal money laundering with the help of the company.

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