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The company International Financial Market and its own trading platform FXclub Trade , headed by the founder and director at the same time, Michael O'Neill will present you with a unique financial platform that contains 5 of the most popular financial instruments in the vastness of exchange and crypto trading for acquaintance, development and work.

Thanks to the high qualifications of our traders and analysts, whose main motto is “ Not in word, but in deed ”, we can provide you with the following financial instruments:

  • Own trading platform with great functionality and the ability to trade the most popular financial assets.
  • Purchase of Futures Contracts and Shares of world companies through FXClub Trade.
  • Passive income in the management of the best specialists in the field of cryptocurrencies and the Forex market.

This is just a small part of what awaits you as a client on the FXClub Trade marketplace . Our staff currently has 45 qualified traders, 15 analysts in the exchange, political and economic industry, 6 accountants, 4 programmers, thanks to whom we are always protected from DDoS attacks and other negative external influences from attackers, 3 people in the marketing department who are responsible for SEO promotion of the company. The staff is constantly increasing, each client can follow this in a quarterly audit of the company or upon request to technical support.


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The main and main goal of our team is to combine all available financial assets into one large holding , which will have no analogues in the world. Already at the moment, we provide tools of such a level that our competitors with similar capabilities can be counted on the fingers of one hand.


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Already now you can become a part of the world economy and the most profitable and elite business, try yourself as a shareholder of your favorite company, buy a futures contract and boldly say that you earn the same as Warren Buffett . Feel like a real trader by trading on our FXClub Trade platform. You can already be with cryptocurrency right now, multiply it and make huge profits, and not just read about it in the news or hear stories from friends. Our experienced managers will teach, help, accompany you if you don’t know or understand something. The road will be mastered only by walking!

November 4, 2020

International launch

Official start of the company on the international market and registration in England.

19 November 2020

FSC license

Audited and received a brokerage license from the UK financial regulator FSC.

25 november 2020

Transferring a conference

The international conference has been postponed until spring 2021 due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the ban on public events.

January 2021

Entering the market of the Baltics and Russia.

The company enters the Baltic and Russian markets and expands opportunities for clients from all over the world.

March 2021

Plans to open new branches

Negotiations with the governments of the Baltic countries and Russia to legalize the company and open branches in these countries.

Spring 2021

Mobile app

Implementation of a mobile application for Apple iOS and Android.

June 2021

Conclusion of contracts with Lexus and KIA dealers

International Financial Market never tires of delighting customers with new products: the list of IFM Cars' auto program will be supplemented by KIA and Lexus.

July 2021

Mobile app launch for Apple IOS

Following the successful launch of a mobile application on the Google Play Market platform for Android, we are preparing the launch of an iOS application for the Apple marketplace - App Store.

September 2021

Expansion of the geography of the company. The company's entry into the Asian market

The pandemic and geopolitical situation affected the dynamics of the company's development, but IFM does not deviate from its goals! It is planned to open official offices in Shanghai and Tokyo.

October 2021

Large-scale advertising campaign and collaboration with global brands

Cooperation with the largest digital platforms in the world will allow us to popularize our services and products not only in a narrow circle of specialized investors, but also among people who have previously heard about investments only from cinematic works! 

The lawyers of our company have already begun preparations for the preliminary conclusion of the first agreements.

November 2021

Birthday of the company!

Year from the day of foundation, 5 day tour of the leadership and top management for celebrating events around the world. Live communication, contests and pleasant prizes, presentations by areas and demonstration of a business plan for 5 years ahead and much more.

December 2021

Foundation of a charitable foundation IFM Trust Charity

We received a lot of knowledge and opportunities in the process of development and formation of our company. Now our goal and mission will be to accumulate these resources in our charitable foundation.

January 2022

Public activity report

Re-audit of the company and a full public report for the company's clients.

January – February 2022

Own multicurrency wallet

Release of your own multicurrency wallet with 0% commission for internal transfers. The peculiarity of this wallet will be that assets can be stored on their own cold wallets, i.e. keep money at home, and not on the accounts of exchanges, which have recently been very vulnerable to hacker attacks. And thanks to the built-in API, you can make transactions through the application without commission.


Company documents

Official documents and licenses for investment activities
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Take part in the event dedicated to new representative office opening in Kazan!

The competition will be actual from June 14 to August 1, 2021. Every company's client can take part.